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Project Description
Synchronizer SDK for creation of Microsoft Live@edu accounts.

Education Identity Synchronizer (EISync) is open-source multisource tool that allows Educational Institutions to synchronize their Identity data between on-premise information systems and Microsoft Live@edu organizations.

The application is connector based so it can be easily extended to retrieve and store information into any data store available at the institution premise.

In many cases it is useful to run EISync Jobs with Period parameter. This allows EISync to automatically select what and when to run and avoid any dataflow collisions.

You can also use this tool to synchronize Windows Live ID and Passwords (raw text) between your Information System Database and Outlook Live.

As the project is published with open source MS-Pl license, all issues and requests are tracked and answered at .

The current release of the project is a Release Candidate. The goal of this release period is collect final feedback to correct all remaining EISync errors for final version 1.0 release.

If you have any ideas of improvement, please consult with “Current tasks for next version” chapter at the end of this document if similar task exists there. If not, please feel free to add this to “Issues” section of .

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